Everyone is different and has their own unique goals, challenges and ways of working.

Our range of services and resources have been developed with you in mind. Everything can be tailor made to suit you and your personal needs.

Teach Me

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Savvy Retreat

From £1895 pp

A Savvy Retreat could provide exactly the time and space you need to take to the next level.

An intensive, yet enjoyable, 3 days working on you and your business somewhere beautiful, relaxing and inspiring with delicious food and drink included so you don’t have to think about anything except your goals and how you are going to achieve them.

At a Savvy Retreat you will accomplish the Savvy6R's. You will:

on where you are and where you’d like to be…
what is working well and what you’d like to change
your batteries, by taking some well-deserved time to yourself to just stop and take stock
with your ‘why’ and your purpose

your energies and create a plan for the future

your passion for what you do and how you do it

Just imagine spending chilled yet focused thinking time, working on you and your business, your career or that key project in a fabulous setting and getting truly focused, 1-1 time with an experienced business coach and mentor to guide, support, challenge and inspire you to achieve just what you want to achieve. And all this whilst having some fun along the way!

A Savvy Retreat gives you an all-inclusive, bespoke 3-night package which is created around you and the specific objectives for your trip. A maximum of 4 people attend each Retreat to give you the time and support you need for the right conversations, in the right way, at the right time.

What is included?

Teach my team

Conversations with STREETCREDS®

from £125 pp

Two x 3-hour interactive workshops, delivered via Zoom or one full day on site

Recommended for Leaders, Managers, Teams

During these workshops we explore each element of our STREETCREDS® framework, with highly relevant practical exercises to apply each piece of learning in context. Group discussions and practice sessions using break out rooms allows for supportive challenge and self-reflection. A well-balanced blend of content, reflection and practical application is provided throughout, creating interactive, engaging and enjoyable learning.

The programme is supported with your personal, signed copy of the Savvy Conversations book to further embed your learning. Activities during the workshops ensure a seamless link between the sessions and the book content with a focus on meaningful reflection and personal action planning.

Learning Objectives

These Conversations with STREETCREDS® workshops explore how you can create a conversational culture that gets great results whilst balancing the need to maintain positive working relationships.

Attendees will learn to:

Delegates will learn exactly what is takes to hold the right conversations, in the right way, at the right time, whether that be face-to-face or remotely. Self-awareness is developed and STREETCREDS® is applied to show you how to:

Delivery Style

The content is highly relevant, interactive and practical and the framework makes for an engaging and impactful approach to what some may consider a ‘standard soft skills’ training topic. Even when leaders and managers are experienced or have previously attended other communication skills courses, the unique STREETCREDS®

framework ensures everyone takes away new learning and new tools.

how to deal with difficult discussions

Savvy Performance Conversations

from £99 pp

Two x 3-hour interactive workshops, delivered via Zoom or one full day on site

Recommended for Leaders, Managers, HR teams

There’s much being said right now about whether organisations should be ditching appraisals altogether and replacing them with something else. The thing is, what is that “something else”?

Carried out well, appraisals can be a powerful tool to focus activity and effort and enhance business performance. The challenge is to make sure your particular process works brilliantly for your organisation which is easier said than done.

Your performance management process could remain the same but what makes the real difference is the ethos, culture and value system. Is performance management a mechanistic exercise or a meaningful management tool that enables good conversations to happen? It’s the application rather than the process itself that makes the difference. How you apply the process to have meaningful and effective conversations is what counts.

The key is to focus on ensuring all managers have the skills and abilities to handle difficult and often sensitive discussions with staff. Less bureaucratic but more regular 1-1’s could be the answer.

When appraisals are done badly it disengages staff, fosters unproductive activities, wastes effort, increases turnover and misdirects rewards. Managers often complain that the process they are forced to use is not effective, is time-consuming and adds no value. Inevitably, staff don’t think much of it either!

Ultimately, good performance management is about discussing performance, holding people to account, providing feedback, as well as giving praise for a job well done.

In the best performing organisations, the most impactful conversations are held when they are needed and in the way they are needed (in other words, in the right way at the right time).

Teach myself

Savvy Perfomance Management

Over 25,000 downloads…

This book is for anyone who has ever tried to manage people’s performance and is convinced there must be a better way. It provides managers and leaders at all levels with a practical take on how to create and embed a high performance culture through day-to-day strategies and techniques that really work.

Read this book to discover:

Most Popular

Savvy Conversations

Most Popular!

This book will help you become a better manager through improving each and every conversation you have. It provides you with a helpful framework as you seek to lead and inspire others through the conversations you have with them.

Because when it comes down to it, effective conversations really are the key to our personal and business success. You’ll be able to apply what you learn in this book to the conversations you have on a day-to-day basis. Wherever you work and whatever your profession, with an open mind and a willingness to develop, you’ll be able to take what you learn in this book, combine it with what you already know and do, and use it in your workplace straight away.


The Ultimate A-Z of Home Working

The latest book!

This e-book is for anyone who wants to make the most of working from home.

Whether you have chosen to work from home or the choice has been made for you, this e-book covers best home working practice and shares clear and practical advice from those who know what it takes to make home working, work well. Whether you are an employee working from home for the first time or a seasoned homeworker, The Ultimate A-Z of Home Working is a must-read.

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