Why Savvy Performance?

  • Are your managers equipped to tackle performance discussions with confidence?
  • Do they have the skills and techniques to manage tensions and conflict effectively?
  • Do Performance Reviews and Appraisals actually work?

There’s much being said right now about whether organisations should be ditching appraisals altogether and replacing them with something else.

The thing is, what is that "something else"?

Some people believe that carried out well, appraisals can be a powerful tool to focus activity and effort and enhance business performance. If you agree with this, the challenge is to make sure your particular process works brilliantly for your organisation. So how do you do this?

Well, evidence suggests that the performance management process could remain the same but what makes the real difference is the ethos, culture and value system. Is performance management a mechanistic exercise or a meaningful management tool that enables good conversations to happen? It's the application rather than the process itself that makes the difference. How managers apply the process to have meaningful and effective conversations is what counts.

So the key is to focus on ensuring all managers have the skills and abilities to handle difficult and often sensitive discussions with staff. Less bureaucratic but more regular 1-1’s could certainly be the answer.

On the other hand, when appraisals are done badly it can disengage staff, foster unproductive activities, waste effort, increase turnover and misdirect rewards. Managers often complain that the process they are forced to use is not effective, is time-consuming and adds no value. Inevitably, staff don’t think much of it either!

Ultimately, good performance management is about discussing performance, holding people to account, providing feedback, as well as giving praise for a job well done.

In the best performing organisations the most impactful conversations are held when they are needed and in the way they are needed (in other words, in the right way at the right time).

This is where Savvy Conversations® becomes your ultimate performance management tool!

We will create and facilitate a bespoke workshop for your organisation based on your own processes and performance management culture. Alternatively we can carry out an audit of your performance management culture, make recommendations based on your desired outcomes and work with you and your teams to implement any agreed changes.

How would you like to develop your skills and confidence in having ‘difficult’ performance discussions so that everyone, including you, feels more positive about them? It would certainly transform your own performance and that of your team, if everyone was better equipped to handle these tricky conversations.

Having the right conversation, in the right way, at the right time prevents any differences developing into full blown disputes and could stop you feeling frustrated and frazzled by dealing with unnecessary conflict.

People are unpredictable and misunderstandings are inevitable but the negative impact of poorly handled conversations on morale, motivation and productivity is immeasurable. Unlock your own and others potential by adopting the proven Savvy Conversations® approach.

Sounds Savvy, let's talk!