Sarah Harvey's 'Street Creds’ framework really stands out as an easy to remember, meaningful and fun model for how to have savvy conversations, including transcending tension and conflict so that relationships and people can fulfil their potential. Marianne Schoenig, Accredited Workplace Mediator & Co-Founder of Blueintogreen Mediation & Consulting

Why Savvy Mediation?

Conflict is an inevitable, inherent part of the employment relationship, particularly given the pace of change now being experienced by organisations. This can lead to differences of opinion, values and expectations which in turn can lead to people falling out or indeed just not performing at their best in a team environment.

As we all strive to deliver better, more competitive and efficient services, the time taken resolving conflict and behavioural issues can become a significant drain on precious resources, as well as having a negative impact on morale, motivation and productivity.

According to the CIPD, managing workforce grievances takes on average 14 days per case in management time! Yet many grievances could be prevented if people were better equipped to hold the difficult conversations they need to have without damaging relationships along the way.

Ideally you and your managers would be well equipped to tackle a wide range of difficult situations with confidence. You would be able to help your teams manage any tensions, differences of opinion and low-level conflict more effectively so that they don’t get out of hand. The reality is that we don’t all have the skills, experience or training to make sure we are having the right conversation, in the right way, at the right time which would prevent differences developing into full blown disputes.

That’s where Savvy Mediation can help in two ways:

  1. We love to train, develop and coach managers to prevent unnecessary conflict arising in the first place. We show you how to spot fraught workplace dynamics and diffuse tensions through simple communication techniques so that you can unlock the best individual and team performance.
  2. When relationships do breakdown, we can work directly with the individuals concerned to explore the reasons behind the deterioration and get things back on track quickly through our unique practical, pragmatic and sensitive approach to workplace mediation. We help people understand what the conflict is about and how they may move on positively. We do this through bringing those in conflict together and giving them a safe space and structure to have those all-important open, honest and transformative conversations.

Sounds Savvy, let's talk!