The surprisingly simple strategy to achieve better results and maintain more positive relationships at work.

Why Savvy Conversations?

Effective conversations are the key to our personal and business success. Yes it is as simple and as difficult as that!

To get the best business results and at the same time maintain positive working relationships, we really need to understand the value of having the right conversation, in the right way, at the right time. In other words, to have Savvy Conversations®.

Get Results +
Maintain Relationships

Savvy Conversations® will help you to:

  1. Avoid conflict, whether at work or at home
  2. Plan for important conversations
  3. Reflect on your own behaviour and improve your self-awareness
  4. Give more effective and meaningful feedback
  5. Carry out better quality 1–1's
  6. Transform appraisal or performance review discussions
  7. Get the best from yourself and your teams
  8. Resolve differences of opinion professionally
  9. Develop more effective relationships with everyone around you
  10. Get the results you want and maintain better relationships

What are the conversations you’re either avoiding or not having well, that are stopping you from being the best you can be?

  • Do you ever find yourself needing to have difficult conversations?
  • Have some conversations left you feeling frustrated, stuck, upset or angry even?
  • How often have you avoided talking about something important?

The good news is that you CAN absolutely get FANTASTIC results and maintain BETTER relationships through the power of Savvy Conversations®!

  • Just imagine how it would feel to be more clued up and better prepared for any key discussion.
  • Imagine having the know-how to handle conversations brilliantly 'in the moment’.
  • And imagine having a simple tool to help you reflect and evaluate whether your conversations are the best they could be.

If you can master the art of having open, honest and effective conversations, you will see far more success and harmony both a work and at home.

Our unique STREET-CREDS® model is the power behind Savvy Conversations®!

It’s based on sound psychological principles yet is highly practical and immediately implementable. It will help you to:

  • Understand where and why communication often goes wrong
  • Learn what you can do to maintain more positive relationships
  • Immediately start getting improved results through having more effective conversations.

Who wouldn’t want to turn difficult discussions into Savvy Conversations®? If you’d like to, we’d love to hear from you…

The Story of Savvy Conversations

Once upon a time there was an experienced HR professional called Sarah Harvey who had built an enjoyable and successful career leading various HR teams, advising managers on how to deal with a wide range of capability and conduct issues, the handling of complex sickness absence cases, redundancies, organisational change programmes and team performance/productivity challenges.

Every day, Sarah relished the opportunity to make a difference by working collaboratively with managers and staff to achieve the best outcomes for the business and for the individuals involved. This went on for over 15 years until Sarah developed a reputation as a great people leader and as an HR professional who really made a positive difference through not just what she did, but the way that she did it.

One day, Sarah decided to jump out of her comfort zone and forge a consultancy career for herself so that she could take all that she had learned so far and apply that to new and varied challenges across all sectors and working with a much broader range of people.

Because of that her experience grew even further and she found herself being engaged to work with more complex situations. She was often asked to mediate between people who were apparently never going to get on, as all previous attempts had failed. She also worked with senior leaders coaching and developing them to get the best from their people and lead organisational development initiates where values, behaviours and performance were paramount.

Because of that, she began to realise that regardless of the type of business, sector or service being provided or the challenges being faced, it is the quality of the conversations we all have with one another that really makes the difference. It is the conversations we have that determine the type of relationships we have with our colleagues, bosses, staff or customers. It’s the conversations we have that builds or destroys trust, that allows us to be ourselves, perform at our best and allows us to tackle the tricky issues and solve the most complex of problems.

So she looked into it to see if her analysis was correct. She researched, she developed, she tested and refined it.

Until finally, in 2014 the renowned Savvy Conversations® concept was born!

Sounds Savvy, let's talk!