Savvy Conversations® online programme for leaders and managers

Two x 3-hour interactive workshops, delivered via Zoom

During these workshops we explore each element of the Savvy Conversations® STREETCREDS® framework, with highly relevant practical exercises to apply each piece of learning in context. Group discussions and practice sessions using break out rooms allows for supportive challenge and self-reflection. A well-balanced blend of content, reflection and practical application is provided throughout, creating interactive, engaging and enjoyable learning.

Using a blended learning approach, between workshop 1 and workshop 2, attendees read their personal copy of the Savvy Conversations book to support and further embed their learning. Activities during the workshops ensure a seamless link between the sessions and the book content with a focus on meaningful reflection and personal action planning.

To facilitate this integrated approach to learning it is suggested that the workshops are scheduled 2 weeks apart.

If desired, a Learning Questionnaire can be sent to each delegate between workshops 1 and 2 to reinforce and embed learning, encourage behaviour change and gather feedback. This is sent using Survey Monkey.

Indicative learning objectives

These workshops explore how leaders and managers can create a conversational culture that gets great results whilst balancing the need to maintain positive working relationships.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create a psychologically safe environment that enables everyone, regardless of role, to talk to each other about anything.
  • Establish trust through encouraging people to build trusting relationships, being authentic and acting with integrity.
  • Relate to others in a way that enables everyone to work in an inter-connected way where positive intent for others and the organisation as a whole is paramount.
  • Recognise emotions and manage them appropriately by using emotional intelligence to have the best conversations possible.
  • Encourage thoughts, feelings and ideas to be communicated in ways that are healthy for both individuals and the organisation. Clearly articulate messages to benefit all.
  • Create a truthful culture that embraces honesty and openness where constructive challenge is harnessed in the pursuit of creating high performing teams and pivotal conversations are not avoided.

Delegates will learn exactly what is takes to hold the right conversations, in the right way, at the right time, whether that be face-to-face or remotely. Self-awareness is developed and the CREDS Conversational Model is learnt and applied to show leaders how to:

  • Make sure feedback is honest, frank and truthful, even when this may be uncomfortable.
  • Demonstrate respect for others in the way conversations are approached, aligning behaviours with organisational expectations.
  • Engage people in meaningful, genuinely two-way conversations and inclusively involve everyone.
  • Ensure conversations keep things moving in the right direction and achieve what is needed.
  • Make sure leadership conversations respond to everyone’s needs with suitable sensitivity.



Delivery Style

The content is highly relevant, interactive and practical and the framework makes for an engaging and impactful approach to what some may consider a ‘standard soft skills’ training topic. Even when leaders and managers are experienced or have previously attended other communication skills courses, the unique Savvy Conversations® format ensures everyone takes away new learning and new tools.


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Selected Testimonials

Sussex Cricket Club

Enjoyed a superb training course from Sarah Harvey (aka Savvy Sarah) yesterday on how to have better conversations at work and in life generally. Such a vital part of everyday existence and one we don’t think about enough. Things would go 100% better 100% of the time if we all learned to talk to each other in the best way possible. Would highly recommend Sarah to any business.

Sam Keir, Media and Communications Manager


I just wanted to say that the training delivered by Sarah Harvey on Savvy Conversations has clearly had an impact on your people.

During the first 2 days of interviews so many people have talked about the impact and improvement on their performance this specific training has made to them. I wanted to let you know to pass onto Sarah and I am also curious about her workshop it sounds really great.

Esther O'Halloran, Chartered FCIPD, MAPD
Investors In People Assessor

The Gribble Inn

Such an informative day. I learnt to look at potentially uneasy conversations in a 'savvy' way that I hadn't considered before. A serious subject was dealt with in a professional way but with humour. Sarah's obvious enthusiasm for her subject was infectious. I would highly recommend anyone who is in a management or HR role to take part in one of Sarah's masterclasses.

Nicola Tester, The Gribble Inn, Oving.


I can highly recommend Sarah and her Savvy Conversations® programme. My team and I spent a fabulous day teasing out how to have those difficult conversations and make them highly productive and motivating. Since then we have had many occasions to employ the Savvy Conversations® model and the results have been remarkable.

Chris Mansi, CEO

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (WSFRS) worked with Sarah Harvey during 2014 rolling out One Day Savvy Conversations® courses to a wide range of Fire Service personnel over the year.

The course gave our staff and managers the confidence and skills to have those 'difficult conversations', whilst at the same time keeping mutual respect for each other. The course also taught delegates how to give honest feedback whilst maintaining a good working relationship with each other, which in practice is not easy to do.

Sarah was always enthusiastic, vibrant, professional and committed to improving communications across the Fire Service. Our Fire Service staff still reflect and talk about the Savvy Conversations® course today with fond memories of the learning that took place.

Shani Moyle, Organisational Development Manager

Elite Hotels Group

The organisation recognised the need for our Managers to have more skills to enable them to have that 'savvy conversation' with their team member. The management teams across all our hotels have attended the Savvy Conversations® One Day Workshop and have fed-back that they are now more confident and more empowered to talk to their staff when challenging situations arise. The CREDS model has formed the basis of many performance reviews and it has been such a success that Half Day Workshops were then delivered for our more junior staff. (180 staff have now attended in all).

Paul Coley, Group Personnel and Development Manager

Savvy Conversations

Thank you so much Sarah for such a super day. You created a lovely, warm and safe environment in which to express our thoughts and fears about having challenging conversations. I think the CREDS part of the model in particular was of real value to me, both at work and home.

Amanda, delegate Savvy Conversations Masterclass

Savvy Conversations

I attended a Savvy Conversations Masterclass recently and I highly recommend it to everyone in business, irrelevant of where you are in your career. It is a reminder of how important good communication is in the workplace and helps you to develop your skills in approaching difficult situations and conversations you may have to have at work. It will give you the tools you need to not only develop your communication skills but to achieve positive outcomes from your conversations and meetings with colleagues, staff, bosses and clients. Sarah facilitates the day with a positive and nurturing approach and providing wisdom from her years of working with organisations as well as drawing on experiences from the class. She ensures everyone finishes the day with a proven approach to having a Savvy Conversation.

Kate Delmar-Morgan, Registered Nutritional Therapist

Savvy Conversations

Really encouraging, confidence building, fun, interesting, informative. Nice size group, supportive and open—varied backgrounds was a benefit. Safe space!

Delegate, Savvy Conversations Masterclass

Savvy Conversations

A very useful exercise, well presented, recommended for anyone who manages other people or works in a customer-facing role.

Delegate, Savvy Conversations Masterclass

If having more Savvy Conversations® appeals to you, get in touch to discuss how we can best work with you. We run staff workshops, manager masterclasses, and conversational culture change sessions for leaders, as well as one-to-one coaching and consultancy. If you’re not sure what’s right for you just get in touch to talk it over and find your own savvy solution.