Mediation and conflict coaching is increasingly being used to resolve workplace conflict.

Savvy Mediation

Mediation generally involves a neutral third party (the mediator) bringing two people together with the aim of reaching mutual agreement.

An early intervention can prevent both sides from becoming entrenched and differences turning into a full-blown dispute. If the conflict is resolved sooner rather than later there is less chance of working relationships irretrievably breaking down and there is a greater possibility of rebuilding good and productive working relationships for the future.

To maintain the integrity of the process individual conversations remain confidential and are not revealed without the explicit consent of those involved.

Here at Savvy Conversations we use an impactful and practical approach to mediation, generally known as “Mediation with Recommendations” in which the mediator tends to take a more directive approach than some other forms of mediation available. In our experience this approach is highly successful in reaching positive outcomes for all.

The mediator provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to reach their own answers by exploring their issues, feelings and concerns. The aim is to then facilitate a joint problem solving meeting where the parties can explore and hopefully understand the feelings of those they are in conflict with. Ultimately the aim is to facilitate positive communication to help the parties find a fair solution they are both happy with or at least a solution they can live with and move on from the conflict.

Where appropriate, the mediator will provide formal recommendations at the end of the process. All of this is made clear to the parties involved at the outset and their agreement is sought before proceeding.

Conflict Coaching

Increasingly Conflict Coaching is also being used to help people manage tricky workplace relationships and better deal with their own and others emotions. Conflict Coaching generally takes the form of one-to-one coaching/mentoring sessions where issues can be explored in a confidential setting. Tools and techniques can be learnt and tried out, with actions agreed to help people manage challenging situations or problem relationships more effectively.

Sarah Harvey at her desk

My passion for helping people through mediation and conflict coaching comes from my desire for all conversations to be savvy. By developing insight into how we can avoid and diffuse conflict, one conversation at a time, we can create own own mini-microclimates where we can get results and maintain relationships for ourselves and those we work with. And that's very empowering.

Conflict Management Workshops

Explore different strategies, skills and techniques to better prepare yourself for interacting with a variety of colleagues and customers.

Learn how to diffuse conflict and resolve tensions with anyone.

No matter how much we pride ourselves on doing a great job and providing a first-class service, some team mates and customers can become irate and unhappy when they don’t get what they ask for. Knowing how best to deal with rude and aggressive people, whether in person, over the phone or email, is a key skill. Managing your own emotions so that you can respond calmly, professionally and respectfully in the face of provocation can be a real game-changer.

Conflict Management Workshops address:

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