At the heart of everything we do to change our lives and work for the better, conversations are the smallest units of change.

Yes, effective conversations really are the key to your personal and business success.

Your success at home, at work and in every relationship relies on you getting critical conversations and interactions just right.

Success is only possible through the conversations you and the people you work with have with one another and the conversations you all have with your customers/clients. To succeed, you need to be equipped to tackle these situations with confidence, to manage tensions and conflict effectively, and avoid unnecessary conflict in the first place.

Here at Savvy Conversations we believe this wholeheartedly and we love nothing more than sharing what we’ve discovered through trial and error, success and failure, research, and practice.

You may develop employee engagement and communications strategies.

You may implement innovative culture change programmes.

But the starting point for all that great work is your day-to-day conversations.

  • It’s your day-to-day conversations that create positive employee engagement.
  • It’s your day-to-day conversations that make great communication strategies happen.
  • And it’s your day-to-day conversations that create and embed culture change.

Whether you’re delivering vital front-line services, you’re a new manager with one direct report, or an experienced senior leader or business owner with a wide area of responsibility and large teams of people to lead, Savvy Conversations can help you communicate to get great results and maintain positive relationships.

With an open mind and a willingness to develop, you’ll be able to take new learnings, combine these with what you already know and do, and apply the Savvy Conversations principles in your workplace straight away.

We passionately believe that if everyone communicated with more savvy, we’d have minimal conflict, optimum performance, and positive working relationships all round.

In the best performing companies, the most impactful conversations are held when they are needed, in the way they are needed.

Do you always have the right conversations, in the right way, at the right time?

When managing teams it always frustrated me that many books and training tools I came across were either too theoretical or too simplistic.

The theoretical stuff made it too difficult to work out exactly what I needed to do to be successful. I didn’t need theories; I wanted to know, in any situation, exactly what I needed to do and why it would make a positive difference.

On the other hand I found plenty of useful checklists and general advice, but nothing that really seemed to provide a clear, flexible framework I could implement straight away.

What I wanted were actionable tips and strategies that were underpinned by sound psychological theory and experiential evidence. That’s why I created the Savvy Conversations® approach.

Sounds great, how can I work with you?

We’d be delighted to work with you in a number of ways:

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