Why Savvy Coaching?

We work with successful leaders and support people like you on a 1-1 basis coaching and mentoring them to greater success at work. From first line and middle managers through to senior leaders, VP’s and CEO’s, with our extensive expertise to draw on we are able to offer just the right coaching approach, in the right way, at the right time, to support and challenge you to achieve your full potential.

If you have the will to become the best manager or leader you can be, we have the savvy to support you to do so. We coach successful leaders across the globe either face to face, via telephone or Skype.

We have a small team of trusted specialist coaches to meet your particular coaching needs.

Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey

Sarah has been a qualified Leadership and Executive Coach since 2008 (ILM Level 7 Leadership Mentor and Executive Coach). She is committed to regular Coaching Supervision and strives to continually develop her skills and be the best possible coach she can be for all her coachees.

Sarah specialises in supporting senior and middle managers to be the best leaders they can be. Typical coaching assignments include:

  • Coaching and mentoring managers in their first management role.
  • Coaching and mentoring following training and development programmes to embed learning and achieve lasting impact.
  • Coaching for middle and senior managers focused around their own personal effectiveness and resilience, and supporting them through a wide range of people, performance and organisational challenges.
  • Coaching and mentoring for HR professionals at any stage of their career but particularly specialising in HR Director and HR/OD manager level.
  • Coaching for high performers in order for them to achieve their potential more quickly and for people who need to improve their performance in order to fulfil their roles effectively.
  • Coaching for Business owners, Directors, CEO’s and Board members, acting as a trusted advisor, providing support, challenge and focus across the range of issues they face and in so doing enabling them to achieve greater success.
Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith

Debbie is an Emotional Intelligence and Personal Effectiveness Coach.

Debbie uses the renowned Roche Martin Emotional Capital Report 360 to work with clients who are interested in further understanding where their EI strengths lie and where they could further develop. The questionnaires are scientific tools designed to produce accurate and comprehensive information about your levels of emotional intelligence. The assessment and feedback process is facilitated by Debbie, a specially trained and licensed coach, who meets with participants to provide detailed and insightful feedback, as part of an on-going coaching programme if desired.

Steve Engwell

Steve Engwell

Steve is an ANLP qualified Master Practitioner/Therapy Coach.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching can be helpful for individuals wishing to overcome restricting limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. Steve can work with you using a combination of NLP and Hypnosis techniques.

What is Savvy Coaching?

Coaching sessions can be arranged on a single-session basis if required although in our experience it provides greater impact and return on investment if you commit to a coaching programme of 6 or more sessions over the course of 6–12 months.

Both face-to-face and Skype/phone sessions are typically 60–90 minutes in duration.

Savvy Coaching is a cost effective way for you to access a highly experienced professional on a 1-1 basis to support you with defining and achieving your goals. The focus that such a 1-1 coaching relationship brings allows you to reflect more deeply and learn more quickly, which in turn enables you to become more successful at what you do.

Not all coaching is the same. Choose to be Savvy!

Sounds Savvy, let's talk!