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The Ultimate A-Z of Home Working e-book

The Ultimate A to Z of Home Working

This e-book is for anyone who wants to make the most of working from home.

Whether you have chosen to work from home or the choice has been made for you, this e-book covers best home working practice and shares clear and practical advice from those who know what it takes to make home working, work well. Whether you are an employee working from home for the first time or a seasoned homeworker, The Ultimate A-Z of Home Working is a must-read.

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Savvy Conversations Cover

Savvy Conversations
A practical framework for effective workplace relationships

I want this book to help you become a better manager through improving each and every conversation you have.

I want to provide you with a helpful framework as you seek to lead and inspire others through the conversations you have with them.

Because when it comes down to it, effective conversations really are the key to our personal and business success. At the heart of everything we do to change our lives and work for the better, conversations are the smallest unit of change.

You may develop employee engagement and communications strategies and you may implement culture change programmes, but the starting point for all of that great work is your day-to-day conversations.

  • It’s your day-to-day conversations that create positive employee engagement.
  • It’s your day-to-day conversations that make great communication strategies happen.
  • And it’s your day-to-day conversations that create and embed culture change.

You’ll be able to apply what you learn in this book to the conversations you have on a day-to-day basis. And each of these small units of change combined has the power to transform individual relationships, team performance and organisational success.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new manager with one direct report, an experienced senior leader or a business owner with a wide area of responsibility and large teams of people to lead.

It’s not important whether you’ve been on numerous interpersonal skills courses and management development programmes or you’re just starting out and finding your way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hotel general manager, a charity chief executive or a manager in the public sector. You could be a small business owner with just a few people in your team.

Wherever you are and whatever your profession, with an open mind and a willingness to develop, you’ll be able to take what you learn in this book, combine it with what you already know and do, and use it in your workplace straight away.

I firmly believe that if everyone in the workplace communicated with more savvy, we’d have minimal conflict, optimum performance and positive working relationships all round. That’s why I’m so passionate about getting entire organisations to adopt the Savvy Conversations® approach and I can’t wait to share this with you.

What people are already saying about Sarah's new book…

“Sarah Harvey stands for making things better in work and life through more deliberate conversations. By deliberate I mean focused, compassionate, thoughtful, modeled, planned, structured, fluid and all those opposites, linked, sequenced and random things that make up the world of conversations.

Not an easy feat, yet through Savvy Conversations, Sarah has her own craftful way to approach how we communicate, engage, influence, help and guide others. If you’re feeling like you don’t control the outcomes of enough of the conversations in your work and life, then this book will instantly give you acquired skill, confidence and tactics that tip that balance towards you.”

Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR.

Author of Transformational HR and The Energised Workplace.

HR Most Influential Thinker 2017, 2018 & 2019.

“Sarah Harvey has written a book that is a real workplace gem.

In the fast paced and often stressful world of communication overload, Sarah has shown us innovative skills and tools so that workplace issues and differences can be solved amicably at the right time and in the right way for employers and employees alike.

Who would not want to know how to diffuse conflicts swiftly and expertly? Give feedback that is both timely and sensitive? Have conversations that really engage and motivate employees? However this is a real skill and takes practice to really be effective.

Savvy Conversations is based on robust research and psychological theories and models which will ensure a culture free from psychological pitfalls. The use of Transactional Analysis and innovative communicative models and tools ensure we really understand how to manage people who may view things from a different perspective. We are introduced to key relational methods and processes to aid even the most challenging of conversations.

This is a must-read book for leaders in both the public and private sectors who are looking to ensure harmony and conflict free working environments.”

Jackie Arnold, ICF Executive Coach and Dip CSA Coach Supervisor

Author of ‘Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace’, ‘Coaching Supervision at its BEST’.

“As I only had a vague idea what Savvy Conversations was about I was really pleased to find this book both informative and quite thought-provoking. It will definitely have a place on my workplace bookshelf. How I wish everyone in a management position could be made to read it!”

Karena Shaw

Chichester, West Sussex

“This is a straightforward, easy to understand and compelling exploration of what it means to have effective conversations. It’s packed with information, challenging questions and useful tips. Pennies were dropping for me all the way through. Everyone needs to read this.”

Janet Webb

Independent Learning and Organisational Development Consultant

“How to achieve meaningful conversations in the workplace are key to leadership success. Sarah’s excellent book will help managers strive to achieve unimaginable results. Sarah’s high degree of emotional intelligence combined with her unique coaching style and practical ideas has created the book I wish I had read years ago.”

Debbie Smith

Emotional Intelligence Coach

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