Go ahead… Bring your emotions to work

Emotions are not just for home anymore. Gone are the days when we were told to leave our feelings at the door. Be professional. Put on a brave face. Today it is totally acceptable, even encouraged, to bring your feelings to work. No more stuffing your feelings in a box and leaving them at home. It’s time to bring your whole self to work, emotions and all.

In the past, emotions were seen as a weakness. However, we’re all human, and sometimes we need to vent, laugh, or even cry at work. Encouraging your team to bring their emotions to work can lead to a more authentic, communicative, and productive workplace. A savvy workplace, you might say.


Here are some reasons why I believe emotions belong in the workplace:

  1. It promotes an authentic work culture. No one wants to work in a place where they feel they have to put on a front all day. When people can be themselves, it creates a more genuine and relatable work environment.
  2. It supports better communication. When people feel comfortable expressing their emotions, it opens up channels for more honest and constructive conversations; Savvy Conversations. We’ve all been in meetings where no one wants to speak up. By creating a safe space for emotions, you can encourage more active participation, honesty and better problem-solving.
  3. Let’s not forget about trust. When you share your emotions with someone, you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable. But if you’re met with empathy and understanding, relationships are strengthened and trust is built. Trust is a critical component for any team so creating an environment where people can share their emotions without fear of judgment is crucial.
  4. It’s also good for mental health. Workplace stress can be overwhelming, and when emotions are suppressed or left unchecked, it can take a toll on mental health. Bringing your emotions to work, and encouraging your team to do the same, will help you create a supportive and empathetic environment that can lead to a happier and healthier team.


So, there you have it.

Emotions are an essential part of who we are. They belong in the workplace.

By encouraging your team to bring their whole selves to work, you can create a more authentic, communicative, and productive culture. And that’s what I call a savvy workplace culture.


Want to know more?

Sarah Harvey is the Founding Director of Savvy Conversations Ltd and author of the highly acclaimed book “Savvy Conversations: A practical framework for effective workplace relationships.”

Website: https://savvyconversations.co.uk

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/savvysarah

Twitter: @SarahSavvySarah


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